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G O O D A D V I C E Go Green and Save Target these 3 areas when it comes to food waste. By Claire Yanta-O'Mahoney, Founder and Trainer, Fleur de Lis Fitness American households throw away 150,000 tons of food every single day. That's about a pound of food per person. This equates to $165 billion in wasted food each year. All of that waste means we are literally throwing away money while clogging up our landfills. BE A PART OF THE SOLUTION! The good news is that there are realis- tic shopping, cooking, and food storage strategies you can implement to reduce your household food waste. Not only will this result in more nutritious foods for your family but it will also mean more money in your wallet and a healthier environment. MEAL PL AN This isn't just a trendy topic that's going to disappear from our vocabulary soon. Meal planning is actually a very effective method that influences what you buy, how you cook it, and what you eat. Planning your meals is especially important for military families since schedules can widely vary from day to day and month to month. If your service member is home for a long window of time, you may need to increase your shopping and cooking volume; while they're away, be sure to adjust accordingly to prevent waste. Tips for meal planning: • Look a week ahead to see when you can cook and how much you'll need to prepare. • Plan around what's in the pantry and left overs, plus recipes that fit your schedule. • Write up the shopping list. • Get quick staples that have a long shelf life that can be incorporated in a pinch. • Stock up on frozen veggies, canned beans, healthy grains, and frozen proteins. • Get creative about the multiple ways you can use one (or a few) ingredients, spice things up by using season- ings to enhance flavors, and definitely use leftovers. 1 Main photo by Brittany Levit Photo by Noah Burn 10 MILITARYSPOUSE.COM / MARCH 2019 MARCH 2019 MARCH 2019 MILITARYSPOUSE.COM 10 10 MILITARYSPOUSE.COM / /

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