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FEB 2019

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Whether your next military adventure is taking you to Asia, Europe, South America, or even Australia, be sure to learn about the culture, lifestyle, and mannerism of your host country so you will be able to adapt to your new home and prevent yourself from mak- ing etiquette faux pas. But most importantly, enjoy this amazing experience abroad and, if unsure what to do in a certain situation, just take a look at the locals and follow their lead. After all, as the old adage goes, When in Rome, do as the Romans do. H 3 JAPAN Nihon, the Land of the Rising Sun. The beauty of Japan can be found in its sakura matsuri—the Cherry Blossom Festival—the ancient samurai code of conduct, and the technological avant- garde that sets this nation apart from the rest of the world. If this is where you are heading next, keep in mind that good manners are very important in Japan. First of all, learn to bow. People in Japan bow to each other for many reasons, including greeting, thanking, and congratulating. Make sure to keep your back straight and bow at just the right angle for the occasion—for example, if meeting a friend, then a 15-degree angle bow will do; however, if meeting a university professor, you might want to opt for the 45-degree angle bow. Be ready to remove your shoes not only when entering a home, but also an historical build- ing or a restaurant. Speaking of restaurants, Japanese people don't tip. Instead, they politely thank the staff for the meal they just enjoyed. Etiquette tips: bow properly; be respectful of the location by removing your shoes; don't tip. Photo by Alexander Smagin Photo by Erik Eastman Photo by Eddi Agguire

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