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EMPLOYMENT is a hot topic in the military spouse community. We're thrilled that so much focus is finally being given to a problem that has been around for decades. Military spouse employment is a critical part to keep- ing service members in the military. Community goodwill, expanding their employee search reach, plus adding solid employees to their company are some of the reasons companies have chosen to become a part of this effort. Modern women and men expect to be able to have a career not only to feel fulfilled but to contribute to the income of their family. Dual-income families have not just become a norm but a necessity in many areas of the country. And having a career and income as a military spouse is a safety net for the unexpected. With so much focus on military spouse employment, this is the time to be a part of positive change for your genera- tion and future generations of spouses. In this issue, learn how you can be an advocate and speak up to make change happen ("Be Heard," page 14). Get tips from a military spouse who has main- tained full-time employment through military moves ("How I've Kept My Career," page 24). And on page 18, check out the 2019 Military Spouse Friendly Employers® to find companies that are actively seeking military spouses to fill positions within their organization. If you are looking for work or the next step in your career, we know the journey can be hard but don't give up! If there was one time when opportuni- ties are opening up for us in the employment space, this is the time. Janine Boldrin Managing Editor E D I T O R ' S N O T E 1 CHILDCARE Spouses have spoken and have told us this is one of the biggest barriers to them getting a job. With limited options, being a transient population, and the service member's job often taking precedence, finding a reliable and trustworthy childcare resource is often impossible. 3 ISSUES WE NEED TO ADDRESS 2 COMMAND SUPPORT While the civilian population has been very vocal about supporting military spouse employment, military leadership has been relatively silent. We need more changemakers in the military talking about military spouse employment beyond throw- away lines. And more senior spouses need to be talking about the careers they have held (they are out there!) while their spouse rose up the ranks. 3 ADDRESS THE STIGMA Often there is a mantra in the military spouse world that begins with, "I fully support my service member spouse…" which is followed by a statement that indicates employment does not allow them to fully support their service member spouse in the necessary way. We need to get rid of the expectation that a "good" military spouse is one that doesn't have room for her own goals. If having a career is important to you, the ideal time to discuss it is prior to getting married. But, if over time, the desire has grown, it's time for an upfront conversation as a couple so you can support each other in your goals. H Janine Boldrin Managing Editor Discover the true meaning of love and free- dom in the American West with the Wind River Valley series by New York Times best- selling author and U.S. Navy veteran Lindsay McKenna. This supportive community of former servicemen and women thrives against the wild backdrop of Wyoming and its ranches in what RT Book Reviews calls a "tribute to vets." In the latest novel, "Home to Wind River," former Army nurse Lily Thompson has taken a job at Wind River Ranch as a caretaker and soon finds herself feeling at home and accepted by her new friends. But her bunkmate, a former Marine named Jake, seems determined to keep her at arms length — a habit that Lily is determined to change. She's certain he has a gentle soul under all that gruff exterior. Can time, and a lot of patience, bring them the courage to make their connection real? To learn more about the Wind River Valley series and Lindsay McKenna visit Lind- . And to see more of the terrific books in the Military Spouse Book Club visit . When it comes to military spouse employment, we can't go it alone! Here are three things we need to work on solving to make dual-income military families a success. Photo by Diane Hood J A N U A R Y E D I T I O N J A N U A R Y E D I T I O N S P O N S O R E D B Y K E N S I N G T O N P U B L I S H I N G C O R P. 8 MILITARYSPOUSE.COM / JANUARY 2019

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