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W H A T W E L O V E Grab a Mat. Get a Yoga High. By Jackie Dery, Marine Corps Spouse, from There's nothing quite like leaving a yoga class feeling like you can take on the world. You just left everything on your mat through hard work and sweat. Recharged and accomplished, a weight is completely lifted off your shoulders. The yoga community has coined this feeling the "yoga high" and it's why people keep coming back for more. During a yoga practice you have the opportunity to totally disconnect from your chaotic world. In fact, it is requested that you do so. Take all that energy that you put toward work, relationships, your life as a military spouse, goals, judge- ments, and channel it into bettering yourself. You're goal is to focus on your breath work, body, mind, and soul. Anything new can be intimidating. However, I promise that you will not be going into headstands and complicated binds in your first class or even your 20 th class, for that matter. You do not have to be flexible. You do not have to be coordinated. You just need to get yourself to class, let go, follow along, and find your edge. LOOK FOR BEGINNER CL ASSES Key words being: Yoga 101, Slow Flow, Yoga Basics, Intro to Yoga. These classes are gentle, and usually go at a slower pace. You will be holding each pose for three to eight breaths, as opposed to a vinyasa class which is one breath, one movement. The teacher will explain and walk you through each asana (pose). A yoga basics class is just as beneficial and powerful as a power flow vinyasa. That yoga high can be attained in any of these classes if you challenge yourself and try your best. As you get more comfortable or for be- ginners that want to move a little faster, try out power flows, vinyasas, heated flows, and hot yoga. These are the classes that hold each asana for one to three breaths. There are more poses per class and you will sweat. The room is usually set 5 to 20 degrees warmer, depending on what class you're in. Whether you're taking a restorative yin class, where you stretch and hold each pose for eight to 10 breaths while laying across a bolster, or a heated flow, where you are constantly moving, you will leave feeling relaxed and accomplished. AS A CERTIFIED YOGA TEACHER, I TRY TO GIVE MY STUDENTS A TASTE OF THIS EUPHORIA After practicing yoga more than ten years, I decided to get my Yoga Teacher Training Certification. I dove into the practice of Hatha and Vinyasa flows and graduated having a much better understanding of the practices and of myself. When I married a Marine in 2016, I found myself gravitating more and more towards yoga. It was a much needed outlet and a chance to focus on myself and reenergize from the daily grind. Soon I started realizing that the benefits of yoga, specifically for military spouses and service members, goes far beyond the mat. SOME PR ACTICES GO JUST AS PL ANNED You completely lose yourself and find that harmonious rhythm. Your body does exactly what you tell it to. Other times, you have to breathe through the struggle and push through that uncomfortable asana. Remind yourself to stop clenching your jaw as if you're trying to crush walnuts with your molars, and most importantly, stop judging yourself. Relieve your- self of the burden of being perfect. When you wobble out of that balancing pose, refrain from judge- ment. Instead, take a breath and just get back into it. You are already perfect just as you are. You already have everything in your body that you need to be successful at any- thing you put your mind to. It's hard to get the mind to stop wandering and going wild. Thoughts always seem to creep in. But, it is called a practice for a reason, and eventually that yoga high will be achieved. H THE YOGA HIGH COMES IN MANY DIFFERENT FORMS. SOMETIMES IT SLAPS YOU RIGHT IN THE FACE HALF WAY THROUGH CLASS WHILE SWEAT IS DRIPPING OFF YOUR FOREHEAD. OTHER TIMES IT SLOWLY TAKES OVER YOUR BODY AS YOU'RE MEDITATING IN SAVASANA (THE END POSE IN PRACTICE WHERE YOU LIE FLAT ON YOUR BACK). PLEASE DO NOT FEEL PRESSURE TRYING TO FIND YOUR PERSONAL EUPHORIC FEELING. IT WILL HAPPEN AND WHEN IT DOES , YOU'LL KNOW. 30 MILITARYSPOUSE.COM / JANUARY 2019

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