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JAN 2019

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KEEP DREAMING, IT'S ALL POSSIBLE Yes, you can have a career as a military spouse. Your profes- sional advancement doesn't have to stop the moment you marry your service member. I've enjoyed a wonder- ful career for 10 years and I have met many other successful military spouses who are also thriving in their fields and have gone on to earn professional degrees. Always remember that you have a voice. Advocate for yourself. Show initiative and add value to your company, something particularly imperative when you are telecommuting. Finally, just as with the military, things may be slow going as you get your work situation set up when you PCS. But with patience and the right attitude, you can be successful. H When I started working from home, people kept telling me that it might be difficult for me to grow within the organization when my co-workers did not see me every day ("out of sight, out of mind"). I managed to reach an Account Director position within my company and eventually oversaw several teams from across different geographies. Here are my tips on how you can achieve growth within your company and manage team members from afar. PICK UP THE PHONE It can be so easy to simply email or send messages to a coworker via chat. More often than not, it can still be most effective to do things the old-fashioned way and pick up the phone to connect with your colleagues. It can help eliminate unnecessary back and forth and ensure that all directions are as clear as possible. GET TO KNOW YOUR TEAM When you are telecommuting, you miss out on a lot of valuable conversations, inside jokes, and other culture building activities that happen in the halls of your company's office. I would always set up weekly Monday check-ins with my team members. This not only allowed us to talk about priorities for the week, but I also made sure to ask other questions outside of work, like what they did for the weekend, which could help me get to know them better personally. TIPS ON WORKING REMOTELY SPEND QUALIT Y IN-PERSON TIME If it's feasible, carve out time to work out of your company's office periodi- cally. When you are in-person, make sure to take advantage of going out to lunch or having drinks with colleagues, and set- ting up check-ins with your managers and leadership in order to get feedback on your performance, key areas of growth, and advice on how to get to that next level.

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