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EMILY CARROLL "WE HEART COFFEE" PAGE 22 "GOOD DOG!" PAGE 30 The best meal I ever ate was at a small hole-in-the-wall French restaurant in Santa Fe, N.M. It wasn't just the perfectly cooked entrée, the unique chocolate shell that enveloped fresh ice cream, or the discovery of half bottles of wine, but the ambi- ance. We were tucked away in a back room next to an adobe fireplace in the "Land of Enchantment" eating a deliciously prepared meal in our quiet corner of the world. Emily Carroll is the Owner of All Bark Boutique, a freelance writer, Army spouse, die-hard New England Patriots fan and Lu- pus Warrior. She loves to spend time with her two fur babies, read and create new memories with her husband, Brandon. MARIA REED "HOMEFRONT HOLIDAYS" PAGE 18 The best meal I ever ate was at an Argentinian steak house in Mexico City. The food was amazing but what really stood out was when the chef asked to join our party at the end of the meal. We spent the next several hours talking and learning about how the meal was pre- pared, unique places in the city, as well as the best wines of the region. After the restaurant closed, we were invited into the kitchen to help make dessert, a wonderful bread pudding. The food was incredible, but the entire experi- ence was even more memorable Maria Reed is the creator of "Moving with the Military," a home improvement and lifestyle web se- ries that helps military families turn a house into a home. During her 25-year career in the television and film industry, Maria worked on locations all over the world,creating spectacular scenes from the modern design to traditional. Now she helps military families create their own joy in whatever space they lived in. TAMMY WARTELL "IT WORKS FOR US" PAGE 24 The best meal I have ever eaten was with my family at a place called Food For Thought in Williamsburg, Va. It's just a quirky family style restaurant that is super engaging. The walls are decorated with pictures of inventors and philosophers, and many leaders. They have quotes everywhere in the restaurant, and they also have discussion cards on every table. I think it's prob- ably the atmosphere as much as the food that appeals to so many people. My favorite food is the beet salad, and, of course, sweet tea. My favorite thing to do on a Saturday is drive to Food For Thought and enjoy an afternoon meal with my family. Tammy Wartell has a bachelor's degree in English literature From Hawaii Pacific University. She has been featured in Boat- ing Times, Mysterious Ways, NexGenMilspouse, Hampton Roads Writers, Poet's Domain Volume 31, Bumple's Buds, Eskimo Pie, as well as several online e-zines. She is working on a writing certificate from the University of California, Berkeley. H O U R L I V E S Q What Was The Best Meal You Ever Had? December 2018 Contributors Photo by Jessie Fallon Photo by Clair Ridgely Photo by Food For Thought 8 MILITARYSPOUSE.COM / DECEMBER 2018

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