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DEC 2018

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MANY SPOUSES BELONG TO "COFFEE GROUPS" WITHIN MILITARY SETTINGS. THEY ARE BOTH FORMAL AND INFORMAL GROUPS THAT GATHER TO EXCHANGE INFORMATION AND SOCIALIZE. COFFEE GROUPS HAVE EVOLVED OVER THE DECADES THEY HAVE EXISTED, BUT ONE THING HAS CHANGED A LOT: OFTEN COFFEE MUGS HAVE BEEN REPLACED BY WINE GLASSES, MAKING FOR A MORE SPIRITED GET-TOGETHER. or "Can I get you a cup of coffee?" is commonly the prerequisite to a success- ful gathering. Coffee dates provide a great opportunity to get to know someone because of the comfortable environment it is typically served in and it is a realis- tic period of time that can be set aside to enjoy a cup in your busy schedule. The number of coffee shops owned and operated by military spouses and veterans is only growing, proving that our love of coffee can also be the springboard for post-military employment! Other spouses use cof- fee to start their days off reflecting on their life and practicing gratitude before the rest of the household wakes up. They take this time to self-reflect and slow down their pace of life or work through an issue weighing on their mind. Whether you drink coffee for enjoyment or the pur- pose of needing the extra energy boost to get through a long shift, the common characteristic of coffee's effects in the spouse and our troop's world is the joy in bringing people together. H

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