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5 TO CREATE VISUAL INTEREST TRY COMBINING LAYERS OF TEXTURES, MATERIALS, COLORS, AND HEIGHTS. Try a scarf as a table throw in an "X" shape across the table. Lay table runners width- wise across the table. They can also double as placemats. Use cloth napkins, because they look better than paper napkins and hold up longer. And mix metals. Gold, silver, and iron are great together. H 3 AS MILITARY SPOUSES, WE KNOW ALL TOO WELL THAT UNIFORMS CAN EASILY OVERRUN OUR HOMES. Sometimes I wonder when the sea of MultiCam will end, but I have learned to embrace it and even incorporated into our Christmas tree this year. I took a pair of my husband's uniform pants, one he was no longer going to wear, a dozen small wooden embroidery hoops, hot glue and a pair of scissors. I used every part of the uniform, the fabric, the buttons, and the ribbons, then I tied some jute cord on the embroidery hoop to hang them as ornaments on the tree. This is a great project to do with your kids too. I even made a garland using strips of the MultiCam on a piece of jute cord. Our theme is natural and rustic and adding wooden star ornaments that we made out wooden clothespins tied it all together. 4 TABLESCAPES ARE ANOTHER PASSION OF MINE AND HERE ARE A FEW SIMPLE TRICKS YOU CAN USE . I found a beautiful piece of oak at a local farm. It couldn't have been more than 10 dollars and I fell in love with it. Two coats of food-safe butcher block later and I had a fantastic charcuterie board, say it with me, shahr-koo-tuh-ree. It's a fancy word for a meat and cheese board. I think I like saying the word as much as I like eating the food. Every New Year's Eve, I prepare a charcuterie board with cheeses and spreads, fruit and nuts, and an assortment of meats. Fun fact: I learned to make this when I visited Germany. I set the char- cuterie board in the center of the table. The board is the star so use dishes that are understated. Plain white dishes are just perfect. Having the board in the center of the table is a great way to gather everyone around enjoying each other's company. There is something about the holidays that ignites my creative spirit. I gather inspiration from the places we've lived and travel to, the peo- ple we've met along the way, and the beauty in nature. Something as easy as combining fresh cut cedar branches and pine cones with deer antlers on an oak slab makes for a stunning and inexpensive holiday centerpiece. Using fresh rosemary from our bushes adds a special touch for the holidays. I create natural herb wreaths, homemade oils ,and even use rosemary sprigs as embellishments on gift wrapping. " Decoration photos provided by Maria Reed/Moving With The Military DECEMBER 2018 / MILITARYSPOUSE.COM 19

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