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O U R L I V E S A Food Adventure Be bold. Eat well. Travel on. By Tonia Gütting, Army Spouse MOST ALL ADVENTURES INCLUDE FOOD SOONER OR LATER. SOME ADVENTURES ARE ALL ABOUT THE FOOD. Memories burn in deeper when we are will- ing to taste of the experience, bringing all the senses to the celebration. It takes some bold- ness. Full experiences wait for the brave. All corners of the world host their own specialties. When fall air cools and the leaves put on their show, my mouth craves the warmth of an apple cider donut from Burrville's Cider Mill near Fort Drum, N.Y. Or when spring recipes demand fresh blueberries, I want to pick my own from the farm outside of Wash- ington, D.C. Peaches are rarely as good as the ones I bought at the farmer's market in South Carolina. When a forest floor is slushy with melting snow, the trees just barely breaking out the buds, and I smell woodsmoke, my nose keeps looking for a hint of sweetness in the air. I remember a shot of hot maple syrup fresh from the condensing vat in the Northeast, and then I want the maple cotton candy made from it. Burrville Cider Mill, N.Y. Photos provided by Tonia Gütting Apple Cider donuts from Burrville Cider Mill. 16 MILITARYSPOUSE.COM / DECEMBER 2018

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