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REACH OUT TO OTHERS We are not designed to do life alone. We are not created to walk through life's experiences in isolation. REBOOT offers this uncommon hope, that heal- ing is found in community with others who get it. If you are that spouse of a deployed service member who wants to ignore the holiday season, to let it pass you by as you wait for your loved one to return, if you are that indi- vidual who is stationed overseas far away from what is familiar and those you love, reach out, connect, find new ways to interact and make memories. I recognize it is easier said than done, but stepping out of isolation when we are hurting, choosing to take off the isolation blanket that makes us feel safe and secure, protected from the hurt we feel, takes intentionality. It is a choice and that choice requires deliberate action. My grandmother had a cross-stitched picture hanging in her hall that said, "A sorrow shared is but half a trouble, a joy that is shared is a joy made double." This season, depending on your outlook, let that be your motto for service, or survival. We are stronger when we do life together! REBOOT Combat Recovery faith-based trauma healing course is designed to address the spiritual and moral wounds of war. To find out more visit Through the work I do with REBOOT Combat Recovery, I recognize how vital it is to avoid isolation when we want it most. That is one of the things we teach at the Camp Lejeune REBOOT site; when you desire and long for isolation the most, do the opposite. This holiday season, I encourage you to be brave. Be aware and sensitive to that inner voice that may encourage you to pull back and isolate. If you hear those words internally, try to do the opposite. Don't withdraw, engage; do not isolate yourself but make the intentional choice to connect. And if you are in a good place, if there is joy and celebration in your heart this season, then I encourage you to be aware of those around you who might be struggling, who may find this season painful, who may be walk- ing out the holiday season simultaneously with a season of grief. Reach out to them and include them into your life; joy spreads. H Photo of Jolynn Lee and her family by A Beautiful Moment Photography Background photo of Joanna Kosinska 14 MILITARYSPOUSE.COM / DECEMBER 2018

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