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Save space and skip these kitchen tools: 1 AVO C A D O S L IC E R While this sounds like a handy gadget, you'll likely find it in the back of your junk drawer after one use. Few avocados are the same size, and unless you're purchasing this tasty fruit to fit the slicer, you'll likely be out of luck. A large spoon and a paring knife will work just as well. 3 P I Z Z A S C I S S O R S Although they're inexpensive, they're cumbersome and practically useless. Since you now own those awesome Chef Remi Shears, you'll have no need for these. Stick to regular kitchen shears or a classic pizza wheel. 5 E G G S C R A M B L E R When it did it become difficult to crack and whip an egg? It might actually take longer to assemble this contraption than to use traditional methods. This is definitely an unnecessary item. H 4 HO T D O G S L IC E R Exactly what it sounds like. While adorable, a knife cleans up much easier. Even a butter knife will do the trick! 5 COOK WARE YOU DON'T NEED TO CLEAN! You read that correctly. Cast iron cookware is simply wiped down and put away when you're finished. The season- ing not only adds flavor, but also gives the cookware its natural non-stick abili- ties. Unlike Teflon, cast iron cookware goes easily between the grill, stovetop, and oven without fear of damage. While it does require a bit of extra care, the benefits are endless. Begin your journey with a classic 10.25 inch skillet from Lodge for $27. 2 ON ION G O G G L E S No use crying over chopped onions (or was it spilled milk?). Either way, this is a waste of $20. Instead, place the onion in the freezer for a few minutes before dicing to suppress the juices that make us so teary eyed. Or, to save more time, you can purchase pre-chopped fresh onion when you need it. DECEMBER 2018 / MILITARYSPOUSE.COM 11

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