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MEGAN BROWN "THANKSGIVING WITH FRIENDS" PAGE 22 I am thankful that this lifestyle allows us to travel around the country and do ministry. We are able to meet so many amazing and inspiring families in this way of life. Building community is one of the most foundational functions of our family. We are beyond grateful for every oppor- tunity to encourage fellow service members to get connected and build fellowship that endures. Megan is an Air Force spouse, a mother of four, freelance writer, and military missionary. Megan is also the co-founder of MilSpouse Tribe, an online community for military spouses of all ages and stages. You can connect with her at VALLI VIDA GIDEONS "THE GREATEST GENERATION" PAGE 26 I am thankful to have boots back on the living room floor. The same boots I complain about when not put away, during a nine month deployment, I find myself miss- ing. Military life certainly is not for the faint of heart but it is also a life filled with many blessings. Valli is a military bride with a degree in journalism. She writes about raising kids with cochlear implants, military life, and other things from the heart. Her work can be found on Facebook and Insta- gram @mybattlecall, and also on CLAIRE YANTA- O'MAHONEY "HAPPY HEALTHY HOLIDAY" PAGE 32 By far, what I am most grateful for as a military spouse is that I've gotten to meet incredible people from around the world. The military community is a tight knit one, and it encourag- es us to be there for each other. Sometimes I take a moment to reflect how different life would be if my husband didn't join the Marine Corps, and I think about the vast groups of friends, mentors, business contacts, and leaders that wouldn't be in my world. They have truly shaped my experience as a spouse and the connection is deep. I'm additionally grateful for the deepened patriotism and pride that I have for our country and those who defend it. Lastly, it's been an honor to be an advocate for the military by exposing civilian family and friends to military life. Claire is a certified fitness trainer and nutritionist, and provides wellness solutions to clients worldwide through virtual training. She is based in San Francisco and is a veteran spouse whose husband served eight years in the Marine Corps. When she's not helping her clients reach their wellness goals, she's traveling, cooking, reading, or spending time with loved ones. H MAGGIE TIBUS "LAUGHING THROUGH THE STRUGGLE" PAGE 14 I'm grateful for that "I just survived a deployment" swagger. I'm grateful for the times I can look back on a particularly hard period of military life and think: "Yeah, I got through that. There may have been copious amounts of wine involved but, dammit, I did it." I like seeing other military spouses realize that what they do on the daily and what they carry for their spouses, their families, and their country is really more than the sum of all their daily sacrifices. I'm grateful that our society is starting to awaken to what it's really like for military families and that open ears are turning into actions at the community and national levels. Maggie Machado is a Marine Corps wifey and dog mom. She is the founder of the military spouse blog, How to MilSpouse. Maggie is also a freelance content developer and market researcher at her advertising company, The Text Effect. O U R L I V E S Q What are you thankful for as a militar y spouse? November 2018 Contributors 8 MILITARYSPOUSE.COM / NOVEMBER 2018

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