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MANNERS MATTER They taught us to respect adults. The neighborhood moms made sure to remind us to say please and thank you, use our napkins, and to hold doors for others. Taking off our hats during the National An- them, facing the flag, and standing quietly was modeled. When evening taps played over the base loudspeaker, no matter what game we were in the middle of playing, the kids would hold the ball, turn towards the flag, and place hands over hearts. Words like sir and ma'am were used, and if you for- got, there was always a parent nearby to remind you. SUPPORT YOUR SERVICEMAN What I remember most about my mom and her friends was their deep love and appreciation for service. They understood it was more than a job; it was a calling. The women in my mom's generation didn't keep score or resent the military for the sacrifices their families endured. They willingly accepted the good and the challenging parts of military life. Military service was seen as a privilege for many of the women I grew up around. They proudly flew their flags and loved being Ameri- cans. It didn't mean they were without struggles, rather these outstanding women understood service did not come without sacrifice. They were part of one of the greatest gen- erations of military spouses America has ever known. I was blessed to call them all mom. H FRIENDS AREN'T DEFINED BY GEOGR APHY To this day my mom is still friends with many of the women she spent time with around those kitchen tables. Families would come and go, but relationships were lasting. These military spouses had an innate ability to pick up right where they left off, even if there were decade-long breaks or thou- sands of miles in between. IT TAKES A VILL AGE TO R AISE MILITARY KIDS I witnessed families help- ing each other pick up the slack during deployments and relocations. Whether it was establishing carpools, meal-sharing, or letting a kid hang out with another fam- ily while a mom took a sick kid to the doctor, the whole neighborhood pitched in. There was always a place for the kids to go. Recipro- cating was commonplace. YOUR MILITARY LIFE JULY 2014 How today's military spouses are writing their own history. NOVEMBER 2014 Leeann Tweeden shares with us her life as a military spouse and giving back. FEBRUARY 2015 Readers share the romantic ways they met their spouse and how they knew they found "the one." MAY 2015 Did a deployment derail your big day? Here is how you do it the second time around! 28 MILITARYSPOUSE.COM / NOVEMBER 2018

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