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W H A T W E L O V E When we began How to MilSpouse we had one thought in mind—this shit is kind of funny. The deployment with the mysterious return date, the entire conversations spoken in acronyms, the duty dates that always fall on anniversaries. All of these regular struggles of military life have a comedic edge to them because one, we all face them and, two, could it get any worse (the answer is yes but let's not test it)? There's an old saying that comedy is just tragedy plus time. In the military world, comedy is just one struggle after another plus the realization that you're not alone. With How to MilSpouse, we aim to bring humor, light-heartedness, and laughter to an otherwise often lonely and exhausting experience. When we began How to MilSpouse, we were fresh military spouses stumbling our Laughing Through the Struggle By Maggie Machado, Marine Corps Spouse Space A works (literally… is this an urban legend or what?). Instead, we are the place to go if you just need a break from shouldering the burdens of planning your DITY move or if you need to know that you're not alone in not knowing you're supposed to tip the baggers at the commissary (hey, heads up, you are). Our memes and blog posts are intended to make you smile, tag your milspouse friends, or share with the rest of the world to say "See, this is what it's like to live my life!" I know when I first entered military life, I had the impression that it was all white picket fences and ironing cammies and blowing kisses out the door as my man left to fight a war or whatever. Turns out: not so much. It's more like finding his PT belt at 5 a.m. and scrubbing way through each new experience. We already had all of the helpful resources and seasoned military spouse blogs bookmarked, but we were wondering if there were others out there like us. Were there other bumbling idiot milspouses out in the wild or were we the lone wolfs howling our distresses to the moon and drowning our struggles in wine? Turns out, there's a whole pack. Something we stressed from the start is that we are not the place to go if you are looking for PCS guidance or help figuring out how the hell If you have an idea for a meme, or you want to guest blog, or you just want to say "Hi!" please don't hesitate to hit us up on social media ( @howtomilspouse ) or our website at . pen stains out of my clothes and tripping over his boots for the hundredth time. The truth is, unless you learn to laugh, military life will always find a way to kick you in the ass. When we can put the million little annoyances into perspective and learn to find the humor, it makes weathering the heavy blows more manageable. We never dreamed that the community would grow to the size it is today, or that it would do so at such a rapid pace. We just started this thing a little over a year ago, and already there are over 10,000 of you who are taking part in the fun. For a trio of howling drunken wolves, this means so much to us. Over the last few months, we have had some exciting partnerships and plans for the immediate future. We teamed up with MilSpouse Coffeehouse Podcast, where you can hear us in a recurring guest spot called How to MilSpouse Hot Takes. The pod is available on Apple iTunes or wherever you listen to podcasts so go download it and leave us a review! We also plan to start creating some How to MilSpouse merch and get our own podcast started so we can bring funny military commentary straight to your earholes. H HOW TO MILSPOUSE IS A BLOG AND SOCIAL MEDIA ENTITY THAT BRINGS THE LAUGHTER TO MILITARY LIFE . IT IS RUN BY MARINE CORPS SPOUSES: MAGGIE MACHADO, SARAH HERSH- BERGER-VALENCIA , AND JACKIE DERY. 14 MILITARYSPOUSE.COM / NOVEMBER 2018

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