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G O O D A D V I C E Maybe it is the times in which we live. Maybe it was watching the McCain memorial services. Maybe it is just me getting older...but for some reason, I find myself wanting to be extra kind to people and to set a good example for others. I want to nurture my many friendships. I have made so many dear, dear friends over the years and I feel the need to reach out and just hug my friends from afar. But it is not just my friends that I want to hug, it is also the many people I meet during everyday life. I want others to know and feel kindness. I can't control many things, but I can definitely control my own behavior. It's the Little Things By Suzie Schwartz, President of Military Spouse Programs So, with that said, how do I thank oth- ers? How to I send a message of kindness? Every day is a new opportunity. Let's all choose to focus on the many opportunities we have each day to be kind to each other. Let's also find simple ways to acknowledge all the good in our lives and to be thankful. I choose to wake up happy each and every morning. I love to go downstairs and get that first cup of coffee, take it up to my craft room, and dive into the mess that is my craft table. Stamping, coloring and making cards gives me so much joy. But even better than making these crazy, colorful cards is sending them to friends around the country. I look for opportunities to send a card. This morning I sent a "Sweet Hello" card to Chief Master Sgt. (retired) Taco Sanchez. Taco has been a wonderful friend since I married my husband and he is currently recovering from surgery. Hopefully, I brought a small bit of cheer into his life for one small moment with a heartfelt gift to him for the years of joy he has brought into our lives. Sending so many cards sometimes brings cards coming back to me. This past weekend, I received a very thoughtful note from Lori Bell. I have known Lori since she became our 2010 Armed Forces Insurance Military Spouse of the Year. We have stayed in touch through Facebook, phone calls and, of course, lots of cards. She made my day with a sweet card with a kind and thoughtful message. But sending cards is not the only way to show how thankful you are or to show kindness. Be kind to every- one you meet during your day. I love to tip the person working the drive-through window. It makes me happy that Uber now has a tipping feature on their app. I love to offer a cool beverage to the folks mowing lawns in my neighborhood. Wave and say thank you to the sanitation workers picking up in your neighborhood. All easy ways to say how thankful you are for the service they provide. Sometimes you see the smile on their fac- es, and sometimes you may be gone before they realize what happened. It doesn't matter. Just say thank you. It is the little things that I am thankful for and the little things that I choose to do to show others how much they are appreciated. During this upcoming season of giving, find small ways to remind people how important they are to you. Little things matter. Kindness matters. Maybe even send a card to show others they are appreciated. H Photo by Virginia L. GIVING BACK JULY 2016 Honoring Elaine Rogers, President and CEO of USO-Metro. DECEMBER 2014 Toys for Tots partners with Toys "R" Us to bring holiday cheer to millions of kids. NOVEMBER 2016 How the Semper Fi Fund gives back to our wounded warriors and their families. DECEMBER 2014 Sesame Street provides a resourceful gift for military families through their outreach initiatives. NOVEMBER 2017 Issue dedicated to six chari- ties that are truly giving back to the military community. MAY 2018 Jackie Edwards runs for Team USO during the Boston Marathon. 12 MILITARYSPOUSE.COM / NOVEMBER 2018

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