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Janine Boldrin Managing Editor E D I T O R ' S N O T E COMMUNITY I LOVE READING BOOKS THAT INCLUDE A REAL PERSON CON- QUERING A STRUGGLE. Reading their stories helps me to see how I can also overcome big challenges. And knowing I'm not alone in a challenge makes facing it a little easier. That is why we share the articles we do in Military Spouse: to give you an even bigger sense of your community and the common challenges we face. This month, read how the stories of military spouses encouraged an advocate in Washington, D.C., to create big change that will help our community (it's our cover story on page 16). Then learn how our very own Suzie Schwartz had to overcome her husband's superiors telling her that she shouldn't have a job (it's on page 20). Read how one military family lost a son to addiction and how they are now working to help other families (the story is on page 24). And then there is the support we all need. Judy gives us ways to reach out for help if the challenges become too much (page 28). The important thing to remember is that our commu- nity is big. You may not find your support in a neighbor or in your unit (or maybe you will!) but there is someone who wants to help you be connected. There are people who care about you. There is a community of resources waiting for you to access. And there is also Military Spouse. We want to be a part of your community when you need a laugh, information about military life, and we can even be the shoulder to cry on. Whatever comes your way, we've got it covered...together. Follow us on Instagram! We love to reshare photos from our fellow spouses. Just make sure to tag us in your shots! @MilitarySpouseMag SPEAKING OF COMMUNITY... 3 2 1 THE LIBR ARY Do you have little kids? Go to story hour. It's free. It's probably close by. And your little one will enjoy some fun stories and activities while you get the chance to connect with other moms and dads. Why not pick up a few books for yourself while you are there? Try to be consistent in the time you go and you may find your new best friend over a pile of picture books. H PLACES TO FIND YOUR COMMUNITY THE GYM But make it a group activity. Running on a treadmill with headphones on won't help you find friends, but a Workout of the Day (WOD) at the local CrossFit box, a group exercise class at the YMCA, or yoga in the park are great ways to get connected. Try to go at the same time each day so you have a better chance of establishing the first steps of a new friendship. IN CL ASS Check out a local craft store, the library, or the local community college and sign up to learn a new skill (or even a new language!). Or take the plunge and go get your degree! Going back to school may help you get your degree and find your community. 3 Sometimes it's not easy to find a group you click with when you move to a new duty station (or even when you've lived the same place for a long time!). Here are a few places you may want to consider for locating friends who will help you feel more connected: 8 FINALIS T One more thing, we're pretty excited about this ! OCTOBER 2018 / MILITARYSPOUSE.COM 5

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