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My husband and I recognized two problems. The publishing industry was lacking in reliable SMEs. They recruit the local, tenured, university-level professors who already possess full-time jobs, hobbies on their weekends, and plenty of papers to grade after hours. On the other end of the professional spectrum, military spouses with college degrees and solid backgrounds are attending meetings and conferences on how to sufficiently fill breaks in their resume, and aren't maintaining credibility in their respective fields. So, within the late hours one snowy December night in Schonaich, a small German village that we called home for three years, Freedom Learning Group (FLG) was born. THE SHARED SOLUTION TO A SHARED PROBLEM In 2016, we founded FLG with the goal of creating an actual, profitable, self-sustaining company that could facilitate solving these problems by connecting the military and education communities. FLG is an employer that provides employment for military spouses from every imaginable discipline and industry. If you're an attorney, we can employ you to author educational content for a college law book. If you're a chemist, come join our review team. If you're a zoologist, we've got you covered. Create some Powerpoint slides for a publisher's latest release of an introduction to zoology textbook. Freedom Learning Group has rapidly become a leader in educational content development, and is largely due to the awesome team made up of military spouses and veterans. We have become a pillar in the publishing world, and we feel so blessed at the volume of support we have received from publishers such as Knewton, CompTIA, McGraw Hill Education, Pearson, Openstax, and many more that immediately recognized the talent our military spouses possess. Our goal is to reach as many military spouses and veterans as possible to add to our FLG content team. WE MAY HAVE A JOB FOR YOU RIGHT NOW In less than two years, we've hired nearly 100 military spouses for short-term (but consistent) content development contracts as SMEs. We want to hire more. Our contracts are designed to accommodate the military spouse lifestyle with flexibility. Projects do have set milestones, deadlines, and require teleconference calls when needed, but you set your own hours (or your 1-year-old son does, as in my case). Everything is remote. Everything is short term and flexible. Every contract opportunity is a resume-gap booster; not simply a "filler." As a military spouse, and mother of three, I remind myself daily of the importance of investing in myself too. Invest in yourself, in your career, and in your future. Visit our career page on, follow us on social media for the most current job opportunities, or email me directly at H

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