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CASSIE CERCY "SWEAT LIKE A MOTHER" PAGE 26 My biggest fitness challenge has been embracing and navigat- ing my body after each pregnancy. The postpar- tum period is one of the most humbling, where you have to dig deep in your heart to keep mov- ing forward. Getting your body back postpartum is hard but it is possible! Cassie is an ACE certified group fitness instructor and owner of Stroller Strong Moms Savannah. She is cur- rently living in Monterey, Calif., with her husband, Bryan, and three sons. K ATIE PROVENCHER "SWEAT LIKE A MOTHER" PAGE 26 Nap times include at-home workouts and not getting laundry done or squeezing in an afternoon run, which means more stroller time for my girls (#momguilt). Some days I find balance more than others. This past year, my 6-year-old started riding her bike while I jog, giving us another way to share our love of fitness. Katie is an Army spouse, wife, and mother of three girls. She is the founder of Stroller Strong Moms Fairbanks and owner/ operator of Stroller Strong Moms Anchorage. Q What has been the biggest challenge when it comes to your fitness? September 2018 Contributors O U R L I V E S LINDSEY GERMANO "3 THINGS YOU MUST DO TO MARKET YOUR BUSINESS" PAGE 32 I am a business owner who geobachworks. I am not sure if that is a term, but let's go with it. It means toggle between two different states to run my busi- ness; the state we are stationed in and the state my business is headquartered. Because I am a bit of a nomad, it is very difficult to get a solid workout routine in. I spend hours in my car, which wreaks hav- oc for my body and health. Some days, I'm eating on the go which tends to be unhealthy food because it's quick. I've found scheduling in workouts with my personal trainer to be the best way for me to main- tain focus on my health and fitness. It doesn't matter where I am, we Skype our workout sessions! Lindsey is the president and founder of Germano Advertising Company. She is a graduate of Old Dominion University, and received her MBA from Regent University. As a Hampton Roads local, she is dedicated to helping local businesses succeed. In her spare time, Lindsey enjoys traveling and spending time with her family, friends, and dog. MEGAN HARLASS "THE HOMECOMING" PAGE 22 My biggest fitness challenge is being able to find time to myself to get a workout in. With my husband currently deployed and the kids out of school, being able to find that time when I can get out and hit the pavement for a run has become extremely hard to do. I am very fortunate that we own a treadmill and weight bench, so I can grab an early morning or evening workout at home, but it still doesn't replace being able to get out and run the streets! Megan is an Army veteran and active duty spouse of al- most 13 years. She is a mom of three, a doula for Stars and Stripes Doulas of Hampton Roads, blogger behind the Military Spouse Chronicles, and sits on the board for her local Protestant Women of the Chapel (PWOC) chapter. When she isn't busy volunteering with her spouse's unit or her kids' schools, you will find her refin- ishing furniture or searching the world for the best chocolate! TIFFANY LAWRENCE "5 SOLUTIONS FOR STICKY BIRTHDAY PARTY SITUATIONS" PAGE 30 My biggest fitness challenge is consis- tency. When my schedule changes and throws off my routine, or some part of our family dynamic is altered, I stop. I eventu- ally jump back on the wagon, but it's always a few pounds heavier. Tiffany Eve Lawrence is a writer and parent- ing strategist. As the founder of Covered Cubs, she specializes in helping parents fiercely protect their kids and trust their instincts. She's a Marine Corps wife of almost 10 years and the mom of their twin girls.Tiffany loves to laugh, harmonize with songs on the radio and make up games. Photo by Leslie Hannon 8 MILITARYSPOUSE.COM / SEPTEMBER 2018

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