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If you take your car to a mechanic, how would you feel if the technician said, "well at my day job I'm an accountant, but one of my hobbies is installing brake pads so yeah, I can put those on your car." Uhhhh….no thanks. Are you a photographer? Try this: "People want to look their best for family photos, these are moments that hang on our walls and are passed down to generations to come and I make sure I capture that special moment." Marketing consultant? "Business own- ers are overwhelmed and don't have time to manage their social media, so my firm steps in and alleviates the burden." Graphic designer? "Businesses need materials to hand out to customers and clients. I design those materials so the key message is front and center." See how I'm positioning the need or service provided, applying words that emit confidence and am clear on how the business helps? People are not going to do business with you unless you are confident in your business. FIND YOUR SUPER FANS AND DITCH THE WEIGHTS I cannot begin to tell you how incredibly disappointing it will be to find out that some of your closest friends or business connections will not think to support you in the manner you have shown them. It's OK, they might not understand this. Or they might be jealous. You can still be friendly to them, but you only have so much energy in your day. Wouldn't you rather focus your energy on those that relentlessly support you? If they are sending you referrals, kiss their sweet faces. Ask them how you can return the favor for them. These super fans are not threatened by you and they serve as incredible resources for you. Spend time each week supporting each other, because this will spread virally and serve as a resource for you when you need it. During the onboarding phase of one of our marketing coaches, I wanted to show her the coaching sessions we perform in real-time. So, instead of posting out a dis- count or offer to bring a session in, I looked to our Facebook group and reached out to those who are most engaged in our group. I then reached out to them personally to thank them for their support and offer them a complimentary coaching session. This was my way to treat a super fan. Find your super fans and lift each other up. If you need any help finding a sup- portive community, look no further than other military spouses. There are so many people in our community waiting to help you, all it takes is reaching out to ask. We are all here to support your endeavors. H To get more great tips from Lindsey, visit g 3

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