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G O O D A D V I C E H e ll o w o n d e r f ul b u s in e s s ow n e r. Yo u 'r e d oing t hing s . Yo u ' ve go t t h a t i d e a a n d e n t r e p r e n e u r ia l z e s t t o o f f e r yo u r s e r v ic e s t o o t h e r s . N ow w h a t ? At my agency, we've had the honor of work- ing with military- and civilian-owned businesses all across the country and have been even luckier to form long lasting friendships with these amaz- ing people. There are fundamental practices we encourage in all of our clients that you can imple- ment right now to market your business. Whether you are a military spouse, active duty, or veteran, focusing on these three things will help leverage that hunger for business with your incredible talent. YOU HAVE TO GET OUT THERE AND REPRESENT YOUR BUSINESS Introverted? Grab a friend and ask them to go with you to local business events so you have a networking buddy. According to the United States Census Bureau, over 750,000 business applica- tions were filed in 2017 alone. You are the face of your business, the owner, the only one who will truly understand what you do as a busi- ness in this cluttered environment. You have to get out there and talk about your business. You can invest thousands of dollars in hiring sales people, marketing consultants, and sales programs but if you aren't out in the community meeting face to face with key contacts, you will experience slow business growth. People tend to rely on social media to sell their business, but social me- dia should be there to support and supplement your efforts. Network off base and within the local com- munity at corporate and business events. You have to show up. NEXT, STOP TREATING YOUR BUSINESS AS A SIDE-HUSTLE Stop it right now. You are a business owner, just like anyone else. You filed for your LLC just like the next person and pay business taxes. The amount of confidence you apply to and show in your business has a direct impact on its growth. If you want to freelance and not have a staff, that is totally fine. Trust me, some days the thought runs across my mind as I deal with human resources, taxes, and compliance. It does not mat- ter if you are a maker or if you offer a service. What matters if you are a free- lancer or operate a business with staff is the problem or issue you are solving for people and how confidently you convey that to people. Put that mentality forward, stay determined and don't let anyone make you think your business is anything less than it is. I cringe inside when I see a military spouse downgrade him or herself because their business just formed or they are operating out of the house. You know what I say? That is smart! You're bootstrapping! More money to apply to the business things! 1 2 3 Things You Must Do to Market Your Business By Lindsey Germono, President and Founder of Germono Advertising Company Photo by Jeff Sinclair 32 MILITARYSPOUSE.COM / SEPTEMBER 2018

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