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W H A T W E L O V E We try to push those hard days out of our memory, keep them tucked away in the back of our minds. Those days when we must hug our soldiers one more time and watch them load those white busses. Inside we cry as our kids hold on for just a moment longer, or when they grab their dad one more time, for just one more kiss. We go home, we wipe the tears, we tell our kids it will go by fast and order the pizza. Except, we know we are lying to ourselves. While we wish for those days to �ly by, we know there will be days when they will crawl and even creep by. The days when it seems like everything is breaking at once, and we reach the point of willing to sell a kidney if our soldier could just come home right now. But we find a way, and we just keep going. The Homecoming A Sweet Celebration By Megan Harless, Army Spouse Every day we eat a Hershey Kiss out of the bowl to mark "a kiss a day while daddy's away" to be one day closer, cross a day off the calendar, or tear a paper ring off our timeline. Each day we know is one day closer to our sweet homecoming. Before we know it, we are passing the halfway point, crossing over to the home side of deployment, and nearing the much-anticipated end of the deployment. Oh, that home- stretch can be such a beautiful thing! When we can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel, is when we finally take our first deep breath. We can do this, we are almost there. Planning the homecoming becomes priority as we start listing out everything we need Photos provided by Megan Harless 22 MILITARYSPOUSE.COM / SEPTEMBER 2018

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