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O U R L I V E S A�ter many years searching, I finally found the man I want to marry. And he is a Marine. One month a�ter Bill proposed, he told me that he was going to deploy to Bahrain. I will never forget that moment. All of the excitement of planning a wedding �lew out the window, as I never anticipated a deployment so soon into our relationship. The idea of being separated during this time was overwhelming, but I realized my biggest role as a military fiancee was to support the man I love. I was quickly "thrown into the fire" of military life, and it was time to step up to the plate to manage things while he was away. Bill deployed on my 30th birthday. His deployment pushed me to learn, to plan, and to recognize a strength in me I didn't know I had. Although we expected certain challenges would follow, we knew we would overcome them. We both had our own "roles" for the next seven months, and I wasn't going to let him down. I DO. I WILL . AND I AM Bill and I were fortunate to have had some time to make major wedding decisions together be- fore he left. Since we had met at church, it was obvious that we would be married in the same place that brought us together. Before Bill left, we chose the date, venue, photographer, and wedding party. We even took our engagement photos earlier than most couples, which ended up being a huge morale boost for me. I cherished having beautiful pictures of us to look at when I missed him. I also had to accept that there would be a plethora of wedding preparations that would occupy me and make the time apart go by faster. An Engaged Deployment He left soon after he proposed. Now I'm planning the big day back home. By Christina Anderson, Marine Corps Fiancee Everyday was another day closer to seeing him, so why waste the time sulking? I used the months I had alone to focus on personal goals to push me forward; some little, some great. See- ing all of my little achievements was a huge reminder that I was capable of getting through the deployment. I set goals for myself at the gym that allowed me to look back at the progress I was gaining each week. Bill is a personal trainer, and he had introduced me to the world of fitness. It became something that we enjoyed sharing together. When Bill was gone, I continued going to the gym rather than becoming sedentary. Not only did each workout relieve deploy- ment stress, but it reminded me of him. Music and art have always been passions of mine, so I also spent time enjoying painting and making music. I even wrote and recorded a song for him and sent it to him in a care package for his birthday. Bill told me, "You can't stop time," and this became the mantra of my experience. 20 MILITARYSPOUSE.COM / SEPTEMBER 2018

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