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APRIL DEOCARIZA "GO MAMA!" PAGE 24 My best teacher was my dad. He passed away when I was 15, but I feel he laid the foundation for everything that I have become in my adult life. I didn't realize it at my young age, but looking back, he honed my leadership skills by encouraging me to run for student council in middle school and helped me design all my cam- paigns. He also coached me when I had to speak in front of my fellow classmates which developed me into a poised and comfortable speaker now both professionally and personally. All of those skills served me well in my career as a public relations professional. April Deocariza is an Air Force spouse currently living in Germany. A Southern California native, April worked for 10 years in public rela- tions before becoming a full-time mommy to her 1-year-old son. She enjoys writing, running, and exploring all the fun adventures and food Europe has to offer. ANGIE DR AKE "GET OUT AND VOTE?" PAGE 16 I'm one of those geeky kinds of girls who love to diagram sentences. I have Mr. Hollingsworth, my sixth grade Eng- lish teacher, to thank for introducing me to this lost art. He was a treasure of a teacher, taking the normal curriculum and throwing it out the window. Not only did we diagram for fun but our class immersed in a crash-course of pup- petry, from design to final performance. Mr. Hollingsworth's unique style of teaching engaged an entire classroom of pre-adolescent kids in a way that was unheard for the time. His lessons in experiential learning made me a better stu- dent, a better homeschool teacher, and a better person overall. If only his grammar lessons had stuck so well. Angie is the founder of Not Your Average American, where she introduces North American tourists to the joys of South American travel. As a soon-to-be empty nester and "retired" military spouse, Angie is finally taking that trip of a lifetime she never got to take after college: an extended tour with her Air Force husband to little-known destinations in Ecuador and Peru. My best teacher was my high school Spanish teacher. While I made pretty good grades in school, it wasn't always easy. When I began learning Spanish, for the first time in my life, it was a subject that came easily. Mrs. Medders made learning fun and she used a ton of repetition to help us memorize sounds and words in the Spanish language. We were required to ask common questions in the Span- ish language. I'll never forget "Puedo usar el tajador," and "Necesito usar el bano por favor." Mrs. Medders inspired a love for Latin culture and communication with others. This skill in linguistics is something that has taken me places. I have Mrs. Medders to thank for learning a language that has allowed me the opportunity to help, communicate, and appreciate others from many different cultures. Wendi Iacobello is an Army spouse, blogger, freelance writer, and instructional designer. When she isn't glued to her laptop, you can find her cooking, enjoying her flower and herb garden, exercising, and snuggling beside her beagle baby. H Q W h o Wa s Yo u r B e st Te a c h e r ? August 2018 Contributors W H A T W E L O V E WENDI IACOBELLO "5 AWESOME THINGS I LEARNED FROM MY DOG" PAGE 28 8 MILITARYSPOUSE.COM / AUGUST 2018

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